Things I learnt

I believe travel and reflection are the best inoculation against stagnation. My love for travel allows me opportunities to observe human behavior in different cultural contexts. Approaching such interactions with an inquiring and open mind helps to distill it's implications for my work.

I believe in continous learning and my carrier choices are an evident proof of that. For me learning is not limited to books but I have learnt more from my interactions with people. I have had the opportunity to learn from wonderful mentors, amazing friends and not bossy bosses. While working at Frog Milan, I had this wonderful opportunity to meet creative people from all over the world and work with them. I am highlighting best phases of my learning curve in these pictures below.

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Interaction Design is not about devices, but people. Technology supports experiences but empathy creates them.


Winning Vodafone hackathon

Winning 2nd prize in my first hackathon was a surreal experience. It made me understand that one should never underestimate their capabilitites. Being the smallest, only english speaking team of the competition, we didn't see any hope of winning, but we did.


First Frog visit during design week

Milan design week is one of the biggest design festivals in the world and in 2018, I had the opportunity to experience it. People walk throughout the city to experience it and this is how I visited the Frog studio and fell in love with it, applied for internship and got one!


Masters with Honors

Leaving a comfortable job in Mumbai and moving to Milan wasn't an easy decision but the love for design and my curiousity to learn kept me motivated. Securing highest marks, and honors (cum laude) was like the icing on the cake!