A service in 2025 to provide brand new way of traveling, from planning and preparation to exploration and experience.

Ask  Design a solution for future scenario in urban mobility to engage customers and enhance customer experience.

Collaboration   Repower

Collaboration   Cisco

Duration  1 Month

Contribution   Research, Ideation, UX and Visuals

Discovery Phase

Online Research | Ideation | Context mapping | Impact mapping | Scenarios

During the Ideation session and using different mapping techniques we created a vision “ We want people to start experiencing the destination from the beginning of the journey.

We also developed several scenarios to understand user’s expectations in future context and envisioned the the qualities we would in that experience.




Group 17

“Sometimes I see interesting things on the way, however, it’s gone so fast that I never know what it was”

“Sometimes I see interesting things on the way, however, it’s gone so fast that I never know what it was”


Problems Identified

“The experience of approaching the destination should be like an appetizer before an entree”

Art history classes tend to become boring and monotonous over the period of time.

Design Solution

Tripper helps people make quick plans without much effort. It helps them experience the journey and explore the destination in an innovative way.

The service is designed for year 2025, considering the power of AI would enhance the experience of planning and travelling. The short video here explains the concept behind this service.

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How does Tripper work ?

A detailed joureny of user while availing the Tripper service.

When learners start their journey, they need to select  courses of their choice for each module from several options in the Art club.

During each lecture, Learners can walk through the paintings, explore it and understand it better. They can save the  content of each lecture and build instant flashcards.

At the end of each lecture, a quiz is conducted. The content of the quiz are based on the lecture so the learner needs to be really involved during the lecture to score better in the quiz.

Group 18

Touchpoint One

The mobile application

As the service is designed for year 2025, the user quickly scans face to login and the app retrives all his data from the cloud. This helps in building more personalised and customised itnerary for the user. Tripper helps user make quick plans, meet new people with same interests and spend less time planning a trip.

The screen (on right) shows Jacks journey of planning a trip through tripper.

Plan less, enjoy more

Touchpoint Two

The interactive screen of Tripper vehicle

Once the user, books the journey, An autonomous tripper vehicle arrives to pickup the guest. The vehicle is equipped with everything the user might need during the trip.

The screen (on left) show the feature of Interactive screen of the tripper vehicle. It will help users know more about places they cross during the journey, save those places, zoom in to see details and also swap the window to see the other side of the road (Don’t we all  have the fear of missing out sceneries on one side of the window while sitting on the other side?)

No fear of missing out, get real time information and capture the moment.

Touchpoint Three

Tripper vehicle

Tripper vehicle is not just useful inside but is like a guide that can help user explore the destination, an instructor that helps user set up their tents and an entertainer to play movies and music. It also charges itself with Repower machine while the user relaxes during the trip.

Explore places like never before.

install tent

Value proposition for Repower ?

Value proposition for Repower ?

Repower can install charging stations at places that more people save during the journey. Company can also collaborate with equipment stores & restaurants and build more associations.


Understood design methodologies to envision concepts for future scenarios.During this project I had the opportunity to learn more about capabilities of keynote. Since each member of this team came from a different background and different country, this is when I learn more about how to effectively disseminate work in a team and leverage each members strengths to build a concept cohesively. 


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