A service design solution that leverages IBM's technical capabilities to attract new stakeholders in the Italian market.

Ask  Attract new stakeholders of the local Italian market and help them learn, explore and experience IBM’s technology.

Collaboration   IBM

Collaboration   Cisco

Duration  1 Month

Contribution   Research, Insight, UX and Visuals

Discovery Phase

PEST Analysis | Case Study Reading | Online Research | Interview | Empathy Mapping

What sets Italy apart from other tourist destinations?

What is Cisco spark board?

Apart from it's historical importance what sets Italy apart from other destinations is it’s cultural heritage. Italian cuisine forms an important aspect of this heritage with food variety and preparation methods changing from region to region. Interviews were conducted to understand why people travel to Italy and if people would travel to Italy primarily to explore Italian cuisine?


“Italy is home to world’s greatest works of art, architecture and gastronomy”

Secondary Research 

Several days of online research, case study reading and PEST analysis was done to understand the Italian market. Italy has the highest number of heritage sites in the world. Italy is the fifth most visited country in international tourism arrivals but tourists usually go to the most advertised regions of Italy and other areas are left neglected especially in the southern part of Italy. 

The large number of tourists at these famous destinations create other problems like Mass Tourism and Hit and Run Tourism whereas areas in South Italy with eqaully rich heritage don't get enough tourists.

Primary Research

Empathy Mapping - Aggregated empathy map was created to understand the user and to immerse in the  environment. Empathy mapping helped in elaborating journey maps and personas.

Interview Objective - Why do people travel to Italy and if people would travel primarily to explore Italian cuisine? Face to face interviews were done with 7 travellers to understand their motivations for travelling to Italy. During the session I also tried to dig deeper by requesting them to walk me through their experience of booking a trip. The insights were generated at the end of each session (as shown in the picture). There were some major clusters that I could come up with to identify the major concerns and painpoints of tourists when they plan a trip or while they are travelling in Italy.

research 2
Jacob persona Copy
Lara persona Copy

Problems Identified

Problems Identified

I don’t get the authentic Italian experience as the information online is overwhelming and reviews are confusing and not trust-worthy.

Art history classes tend to become boring and monotonous over the period of time.

- Tourists

- Tourists

I am not familiar with technology to attract foreign tourists and local customers are not enough to generate good revenue.

The images available for Art history classess  are   usually bad which makes it difficult to explain details of each work.

- Locals of Puglia

- Teachers

Design Solution

For Tourist

An application “localE”, built using IBM’s Watson and Blockchain capabilities to help users get rich local food experiences in Italy.

localE helps users to get an authentic local experience of Italy. Users can book a meal with a family/restaurant while travelling to Italy, can make requests for language assistance and quickly customise their itinerary. localE using IBM’s Watson will generate relevant data as per user’s needs. It can analyse previous trips taken, food choices, preferred activities etc to generate more personalised suggestions.

A transparent system of reviews and ratings will be built upon IBM's Enterprise Blockchain platform.

Ecosystem Mapping

For Locals

“Share a meal and some love”

LocalE helps locals from all regions of Italy to open their doors and share their Kitchen with a tourist. This helps them generate new revnue streams at minimal expenditure. This model will generate more jobs for people and create an ecosystem of trust and love. As the system is based on Blockchain, the local host will get all information about the tourist profiles, reviews and transactions.


Help locals embrace technology at the innovation center

LocalE service offering helps address some key problems in Italian touism sector like Mass Tourism, Hit and Run tourism, lack of jobs in the agricultural South. It will help generate more revenues for the struggling Italian economy and in doing so IBM will create an ecosystem with new stakeholders in Italy.

IBM can use it's Innovation Center in Milan to host events,trainings, workshops and hackathons to help locals understand and embrace the localE platform.

Innovation Hub Copy


Learnt to create service for complex environments. Creating an end to end customer experience within an environment with multiple channels, touchpoints, contexts and stakeholders was challenging. It helped me broaden my knowledge of design techniques to create an effective service.


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