Smart device to help you move and make you work.

Ask  Create a product that observes, records and transmits information in order to monitor and report the habit of an individual or group of individuals.

Collaboration Souldesigner

Collaboration   Cisco

Duration  1 Month

Contribution   Research, Prototype, UX & UI

Contribution   Research, Prototype, UX &                               UI

Discovery Phase

Interviews | Online Research 

What is the meaning of home?

What is Cisco spark board?

Home isn’t just where you live, it’s who you are. It is an extension of a person and the environment and often that comfort makes us lethargic and we procrastinate on important tasks and activities.

This was something all of us in the group could relate to, but to avoid our personal biases we interviewed our peer group to get a better understanding of the problem.

Target audience  20 to 32 years old, Millenials

person 1

I usually spend the entire day on my sofa when I don’t have to go to school or any other place. I prefer just being there watching videos or reading books.

Rhea | 23 | Product design student

person 2

I am doing an online course so I spend more time on the Chair these days. It’s more like another extra 3 hours after office that I spend working.

Danilo | 29 | Architect

person 3

My bed is the place I go to when I am done working or sometimes even work from the bed. It is so comfortable and if there was no work, I would always be lying there.

Marcela | 26 | Urban Planning student

Problems Identified



People lose track of time when they are in a comfortable place, which makes it difficult for them to complete important tasks.

People lose track of time when they are in a comfortable

place which makes it difficult to complete important tasks.

Design Solution

A device which can make you laugh, make you learn in order to make you move. It can be the friend you always wanted but never had.

DoDo is designed to help people avoid procrastination. It works as a friendly reminder which informs the user if they spend more than 30 minutes sitting in one particular position.

DoDo reminds the users of tasks that they can do while taking a break from long seating hours.

design sloution_arduino

The prototype was built on Arduino using Touch Designer. DoDo has an in-built proximity sensor which activates when the user is in close proximity (30cm). It starts calculating time if the user continues to be in the proximity for more than a minute. If the user remains in the same position for more than 30 Minutes, DoDo uses the inbuilt speaker to signify that the user needs to move from the position.

The calculation of time for the working prototype was done using programming on Touch Designer.

How does DoDo work ?

An overview of user's journey with Dodo.

An overview of users journey

with DoDo as his buddy.

DoDo can be connected to mobile using bluetooth and can be easily setup with some simple steps using the mobile application. It's features can also be customised as per user's preference. The picture depicts an example of how DoDo can be used in the daily life.

Group 6
Group 5


"DoDo is a friend you always wanted but never had”.

DoDo is not just designed to make you productive but also to make you laugh. It will be the friend that reminds you of life that exists beyond the work table.


Dodo makes you laugh with quirky fun messages.


Talks about trending things on social media and updates you about people and pages you follow.


Reminds you to do things that you have been procrastinating on -washing clothes, booking tickets and more.


Reminds you about events that might interest you.


Experimentation with Arduino and research about it's application helped to enhance my understanding of tangible interactions. While building a working prototype in a short time on Arduino using Touch Designer, I expanded my horizon of software knowledge. 


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